Lionel Messi about riots against the Netherlands: “I don’t like what I did” | 2022 football world cup

At Radio Urbana Play, a radio station in Buenos Aires, Lionel Messi has spoken extensively about the World Cup in Qatar for the first time. Messi won the final with Argentina on December 18. The interview mainly focused on the clash with the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.

Just about the whole football world seemed Lionel Messi to award his pinnacle in Qatar, but towards the final there was still a blemish on the triumph for many football fans.

Messi did not behave like an ideal son-in-law during and after the much-discussed clash with the Netherlands.

Before the quarterfinals, the fire had already been stirred up with some provocative statements, the match became a festival of cards.

Messi scored and cheered ostentatiously in front of Louis van Gaalafter the match he also clashed with Wout Weghorst.

These are moments when the tension is very high, where there is a lot of nervousness. It moves quickly and sometimes you react in such a way. That was not planned, it just happened.

Lionel Messi about the incidents against the Netherlands

“I don’t like what I did,” Messi says now. “It’s not pretty what happened.”

“But there are times when the tension is very high, where there is a lot of nervousness.”

“It goes fast and sometimes you react in that way. It wasn’t planned, it just happened.”

On the incident with Weghorst in the catacombs: “There were some issues with that player. I gave an interview and it just happened… I don’t like that image, but it happened.”

“Diego Maradona has given me strength from heaven”

In the end, Lionel Messi and Argentina won the World Cup. “It was like the World Cup called me and said, ‘Come and get me.’ I saw the trophy shine and I didn’t hesitate.”

Messi regrets that legend Diego Maradona did not live to see it more. “I would have been delighted if he could have handed me the trophy.”

“He loved the Argentina national team so much. But from heaven he gave me strength.”

“I won the World Cup after so much misery and lost finals. God had saved this for me.”



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