El deja vu by Rodrygo

And it happened again: Rodrygo, hero when everything seemed lost. There is no explanation; yes, a thesis: once it could be a coincidence; even two, good luck. But the last derby was his fourth time putting on the cape. A history of miracles that has already been worth two European lives and a ticket to the Cup semifinals. Almost nothing. It came from before, but the portion of magic that she tried to imbibe, touching Ronaldo’s knees during the World Cup it may have increased what is already a power. Since November 3, 2020, when he saved Madrid from a historic bump against Inter, he has been carving out a fama that in the derby, he returned to the scene.

Inter (2020)

His first time was through the front door. Real Madrid, the Champions 2020-21, began looming over the abyss: defeat at home against Shakhtar (2-3) and draw in Mönchengladbach (2-2). Thus, the buzz of an early elimination flew over the third day: the Interwhich had not won yet, was traveling to Di Stéfano. Losing that match would have been almost checkmate. With everything in a fist and 2-2 on the scoreboard, Rodrygo He appeared to receive on the right side and shoot with the instep. A goal that made it beat. In that edition they ended up reaching the semifinals (eliminated at Stamford Bridge).


Rodrygo celebrates beating Inter 3-2 in 2020.JAVIER GANDULDIARY AS


In the most recent memory is his great goal against Mendy. In fact, he arrived at that game after offering an aperitif: his entry revitalized Madrid against PSG. Just 2 minutes after entering, the comeback began. The endorsement did not help him to start in the quarterfinals, but when he began to play the soundtrack of Psycho … he took a step forward. Chelsea won 0-3, had Madrid on the ropes. And out of nowhere, Modric invented a center with the outside behind the defense that he sent to the network. With that blow he forced the prorogationwhich ended in bills to semifinals.

Rodrygo forces extra time against Chelsea.


Rodrygo forces extra time against Chelsea.PAUL CHILDSDiarioAS

Manchester City

And then, the work the summit. The miracle of miracles; double, in case it seemed little. A tandem of goals on the verge of the final whistle to overcome Manchester City, force extension and take the path to Saint-Denis. It was one of the most remembered individual performances of recent years: Benzema’s first-ball shot was remarkable, but his header between two towers like Laporte (1.91 meters) and Rúben Dias (1.87), measuring just 1.74… it is almost impossible to explain. He took the duel to the prorogation and the rest is history.

Rodrygo heads to take the game to extra time against City.


Rodrygo heads to take the game to extra time against City.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELADiarioAS

And the derby arrived

To this Thursday, when he put on the superhero cape again to support the cupbearer dream. He won the Atletico Madrid at the Bernabéu and seemed well planted behind. Without great sufferings; no Oblak flights. Thus, the only formula that was imagined to break the molds was individuality. Rodrygo received, made a croquette, stepped on the ball, edged out and scored with his toe. A goal worthy of Ronaldo Nazario that, indeed, he remembered his anecdote with his knees. His fourth miracle with Real Madrid. The Bernabéu felt what a déjà vu feels like. Again… Saint Rodrygo.



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