Denver studies business value of Bones Hyland

A little more than a week after the closing of the market in the NBA, the ‘guard’ of the Denver Nuggets, Bones Hyland, has seen how, to the surprise of many, his name is part of the factory of rumors surrounding these dates. Despite being one of the favorite players of the Colorado fans in his second season in the league, the Nuggets are measuring the commercial value of Hyland in the face of a potential trade, according to journalist Jake Fischer.

Hyland is guaranteed his contract with the Nuggets for another two seasons. However, the imminent release of Bruce Brown into free agency and Hyland’s own subsequent contract extension has put Colorado’s management at a crossroads over what decision to make to minimize, as much as possible, an already large luxury tax. shot by itself: the Nuggets squad is the eleventh most expensive in the NBA with around 170 million committed for this course.

Another factor points directly to the dissonance that exists with the coaching staff. As Fischer reports, there have been “occasional clashes between Hyland and the more traditional-minded head coach Michael Malone.” In addition, the coach would be satisfied with the remarkable role that Brown has played, both in defense and attack.

In this way, Hyland could be seen as a potential commercial piece to reinforce other positions of the roster or receive any pick of the draft. At 22 years old, the outsider is averaging 12.4 points and 3.1 assists in 19.9 minutes per game. Interestingly, the Nuggets had conveyed to Hyland this past summer that he would enjoy a more relevant and regular role. Now, however, his future in the franchise is in question.

(Cover photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)



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