“Camaretas” chess tournament 2023

The already traditional children’s chess tournament that is held annually in Golmayo has been expanded with a parallel tournament for those over 14 years of age in this edition.

In the children’s tournament, 32 boys and girls from Soria, Golmayo, Calahorra and Burgos have participated.

In the general tournament, the participants, residing in the same localities, were 17.

Both tournaments were played simultaneously, by Swiss systems of 6 rounds and with rhythms of 15 minutes plus three seconds per move and player.

In the general tournament, he was the winner Rodrigo Altelarrea Hernando, who, despite being only 12 years old, was allowed to play the general tournament due to his high chess level. The same points that the winner, 5, obtained Manuel Sanz Lopezwho was succeeded in the classification by Pablo Llorente Mateo, with 4 points.

In it children’s tournament, the first three places were occupied by Javier Juan Miguel from Burgos, who got 5.5 points, by Jordi Camil Guisada Maldonado from Golmayo, who got 5 points, and by Soria Mateo Barca Borobiowhich also got 5 points.

In the children’s categories, the first under-8 was Javier Juan Miguel, the first under-10 was Ariana Cordero Cacho, the best under-12 was Jordi Camil Guisada Maldonado and the best sub-14, Orestes Gaspar García.

Finally, the prize for the best Golmayense under 14 years old went to Ismael Jiménez Zamora.

The 2023 “Camaretas” Chess Tournament was organized by the Círculo Amistad Numancia Chess Sports Club and was sponsored by the Golmayo City Council and the Soria Provincial Council.

The prizes consisted of a trophy and 50 euros for the winner of the general category, 30 euros for the second and 20 euros for the third.

In addition, 12 trophies were distributed among the three best players in the four established children’s categories and an additional trophy for the best child player in Golmayo. The prizes were delivered by councilors Francisco Rodrigo, Luciano Hernández and Antonio Miguel Alfageme.

With this tournament we reach the halfway point of the IX Children’s Chess Circuit “Alfoz de Soria”, which will hold its next tournament on February 25 in Los Rábanos.


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