Talleres, owner of the Cordovan classic: beat Belgrano 3-0 at Kempes – Talleres – Sports

Talleres won the Córdoba derby tonight, defeating promoted Belgrano in a warm-up friendly, 3-0, the week before the official start of activity in the local Professional Football League (LPF).

In a Mario Alberto Kempes stadium with a crowded frame in the stands, the ‘T’ knew how to hit at the right moments and took a comfortable victory, but celebrated for others.

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At 12m, Francisco Pizzini established the opening of the scoreboard, with a cross shot and coming in from the left, after a good clearance from Michael Santos.

Until the opening of the marker, the ‘celestial’ team had shown a better treatment of the ball and had been encouraged to be the protagonist. Even at a disadvantage, DT Guillermo Farré’s team had the chance to tie, but Iván Ortigoza (later replaced by Fabián Bordagaray) wasted it.

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When the first period seemed to end, midfielder Rodrigo Garro took the ball outside the area and tried a low shot. The ball vibrated, complicated the goalkeeper Nahuel Losada and resulted in the second goal for the team from Barrio Jardín. 2-0 to conclude the first 45 minutes.

In the second half, despite the changes implemented, Belgrano did not know how to enter an increasingly comfortable Talleres to play against.

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And in one of those replicas, Javier Gandolfi’s team increased the numbers, with a penalty executed by Julio Buffarini.

And so the classic ended with the ‘T’ party, which celebrated the comfortable victory in the friendly duel, a result that invigorates for what is to come.

Talleres will officially start the tournament on Saturday the 28th, receiving Independiente at the Kempes, while Belgrano will visit Racing Club the following day, at the Cilindro de Avellaneda.


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