Two fifth places in Tokyo

In her first competition after the World Championships Anna-Maria Wagner (KJC Ravensburg, WÜ) in the end seventh. After a bye, she defeated Fanny Estelle Posvite of France by ippon with half a minute left. Until then, the balance between the two was balanced, each had won two matches. Her next opponent, the only 18-year-old Yelizavweta Lytvynenko from Ukraine, currently third at the World Championships, defeated her with waza-ari and was thus in the pool final. There Shori Hamada from Japan was waiting. The encounters between the two so far have all been in favor of our athlete. This time, however, the Japanese made short work of it, defeating our athlete with two waza-ari within the first minute.
With that, Anna-Maria Wagner went into the consolation round. She had also defeated Natascha Ausma from the Netherlands twice before. But in a golden score decision, the Dutchwoman was ahead and scored with ippon after five minutes of fighting.

Also Martin Setz from UJKC Potsdam (BB) finished fifth. After a bye, he defeated Shugen Nakamo of the Philippines and Bogdan Iadov of Ukraine by ippon each. However, in the pool final against Shinsei Hattori, he lost with two waza-ari and went to the consolation round. After a win against Balarjishvili of Cyprus, he had to bow to the Mongolian Baskhuu Yondonperenlei halfway through the fight with ippon.

George Udsilauri (TSV Erbach, WÜ) won his first two fights against Turkmenistan and the United Emirates. He lost the pool final against Kaito Green from Japan and had to go to the consolation round. He also lost to Kazakh Nurlykhan Sharkhan with three penalties and finished seventh.

All other DJB fighters lost their first fight and were eliminated. Our Vice World Champion Katharina Menz (TSG Backnang, WÜ) also lost the first fight against the Japanese Tasukawa.

The Grand Slam in Tokyo was also a demonstration of power by the Japanese. They won 39 of the 56 possible medals. Only Italy and Korea each won a gold medal, Germany and Australia each a silver medal. The bronze medals went to nine countries apart from Japan.



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