A big effect in the junior high school baseball club that conquered the whole country “ Plexus training ” that makes a difference in “ horizontal movement ” | Full-Count

Mr. Masaya Shiota, who coaches Japan’s No. 1 Kami-Isshiki Junior High School this summer

Coordination and induction of the body. They look similar, but the performance impact is very different. Masaya Shiota, a training coach who coaches the baseball club of Kamiisshiki Junior High School in Tokyo, which won Japan’s best this year, says that if you can move each part of your body, such as your neck and hip joints, as you wish, you’ll suddenly become better at baseball. . One of the trainings recommended for elementary and junior high school students is a menu that moves the plexus.

Shiota, a training coach, coaches about 20 junior high and high school teams, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Among them is Kamiisshiki Middle School, who won the All Japan Youth Rubber Baseball Tournament this summer. He mainly coaches the pitchers at Kamiisshiki Middle School, and is trusted by manager Hiroyuki Nishio, saying, “He has great power as a pitcher coach.”

Mr. Shiota emphasizes training that allows him to freely move parts of his body. In order to demonstrate high performance in baseball, coordination of the body is required. However, in order to link multiple parts, it is necessary to move each part as desired. Mr. Shiota points out, “Interlocking and induction seem to be similar, but they are completely different.”

“Induction is a state where you don’t want to move, but it moves. It’s important to be able to move each part of your body voluntarily.”

Using pitching form as an example, Shiota explains the difference between interlocking and guiding. In order to throw a fast or strong ball, it is necessary to transmit the power accumulated in the lower body to the upper body. At this time, if you move your pelvis and hip joints first, then twist your chest and shoulders, your upper and lower body will work together to prevent loss of strength. On the other hand, at the same time as moving the lower body, if the upper body and shoulders are guided against their will, the power will escape.

Effective for starting stolen bases, pitching and batting



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