Nogizaka “understands the reason for emulating” Professional baseball No. 1 … “Respect” for the enemy and the referee is “the best” | Full-Count

“I wonder if Kubo is happy too” to the respect that Rakuten and Motegi show to the other party

Even in professional baseball, there is respect for the opponent. In the casual moments of the game, you can catch a glimpse of compassion and concern. “Persol Pa League TV”, which has captured not only play but also niche scenes, focuses on such refreshing scenes. Rakuten’s infielder Eigoro Motegi showed “the best courtesy”, and fans commented, “I can understand why Kubo-chan is emulating him.”

Bow to the surrounding base umpire when you are on the defense. When he goes to bat, he never fails to bow to both the umpire and the catcher. It really feels good to see him bow his head carefully. He is a professional baseball player who can be a role model for boys and girls. Respect for opponents and referees is also a proof of top-notch.

Speaking of Motegi, it is famous as the “preferred player” of Shiori Kubo of the idol group Nogizaka46. As soon as I saw the released video “Motegi Zukushi”, “It’s already a video for Shiori Kubo”, “I wonder if Kubo is happy too”, “Overwhelming Motegi rate”, “Washio-chan, Kubo-chan are also very happy videos. !” and “Is it the best?”

[Actual video]Idols “understand why they follow suit” Refreshing Rakuten Motegi’s “best courtesy” is “overwhelming”



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