Galatasaray Nef made it into the last 16

Galatasaray Nef, Dee Bost, Dylan Ennis, Göksenin Köksal, Angelo Caloiaro and Sadık Emir Kabaca started the game with five players and five basketball players scored in double digits. Tyrus McGee was the top scorer with his 20-point performance. Angelo Caloiaro contributed 14 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Dylan Ennis had 13 points and 7 assists, while Sadık Kabaca finished with 12 points and 5 rebounds, while Dee Bost finished with 10 points and 5 assists.


Starting the game with Göksenin Köksal and Caloiaro’s points, Galatasaray Nef broke the right balance at the end of the quarter and caught the lead. With Sadık Kabaca’s three pointer in the last second, he entered the second quarter with a 20-12 lead. The opposing team evened the score early with a series of 8-0. Returning from the break with McGee and Mahir Ağva’s points, Galatasaray Nef was far from performing in the first quarter on the defensive side of the game. Standing with McGee’s points, Galatasaray Nef went 43-38 to the locker room.

In the first half, Tyrus McGee contributed 10 points, Angelo Caloiaro 8 points, Göksenin Köksal 7 points and Sadık Kabaca contributed 6 points. Bringing back his tough defense in the second half and not giving easy scoring opportunities, Galatasaray Nef again gained the numerical advantage when he stopped giving offensive rebounds. McGee’s three-pointer took the lead to double digits at the end of the period. Responding to the opponent’s 5-0 streak with Angelo’s three-pointer in the last second, he entered the last quarter with a 67-59 advantage.


Making a quick start with the strong plays of Yunus Emre Sonsırma and Sadık Kabaca, Yenilmez Armada caught a 14-point lead after Ennis stole and finished the layup. The yellow-reds, who retained their advantage, won the match 90-76.

1.P: 12-20

2.P: 31-18 (43-38)

3.P: 16-29 (59-67)

4.P: 17-23


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