Francesc Cayuela will continue to preside over the GEiEG until 2029

Francesc Cayuela will continue to preside over the GEiEG for another six years, until 2029, after the electoral board has made the proclamation. His was the only candidacy presented, with a large number of members of the previous board remaining, and the entry of three new faces, Ramon Vila, Antoni Bou and Aurèlia Teixidor. This is how the third term of Cayuela begins, top leader since 2011, and who, moreover, had already been part of previous boards since 1999. Now the primary objective is to “guarantee and consolidate the viability of the “entity in the face of the current situation of economic crisis and the increase in the price of fuels and the services of suppliers and suppliers”, as he points out.

Yesterday’s members’ assembly and the inauguration of the 38th edition of Lleuresport marked the start of the new mandate. In the assembly, the members approved a budget of 5,575,184 euros for the coming year, significantly higher than the last. The president explains that he decided to run for re-election “because at times like the current one it costs more and more for people to want to get involved in organizations like ours, it’s very complicated”, and also to be able to “finish the job that we have begun”. Thus he assures that he has “motivation” to continue leading the GEiEG and insists on the need to make the club financially sustainable without losing the quality of the service offered. Apart from this, another of the basic projects is the reform of the Palau athletics stadium, which has been dragging on for years. Francesc Cayuela considers that “in a few months” the necessary investment must have been finalized with the Superior Sports Council and the Generalitat. «A la comarca no hi ha cap instal·lació on practicar atletisme en condicions, on s’hi puguin celebrar competicions importants d’àmbit català, espanyol o europeu». In this sense, he recalls that “we have a privileged location five minutes from the center of Girona”, and points out that the investment required will be around one million euros.

During the members’ assembly, the group’s president also pointed out that “ours is a model that aims to socialize and bring neighborhoods together”. “We work so that the administration and the private sector are located in our corner. The Girona business world has the opportunity to lend a helping hand to a sporting, social and cultural project intended for all Girona residents» he added. The club has 2,205 federation cards spread over the 22 sections, once again, with a high female representation, exceeding 46% of the total, with 1,015 athletes.


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