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With the participation of almost 3,400 students from academic organizations in the Toluca Valley and from the southern, eastern and northern geographical areas, the 2022 University Leagues, organized by the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMéx) to promote healthy sports competition, concluded .

Between the months of August to November, the student teams of both the men’s and women’s branches of the upper secondary and higher levels had activities in the disciplines of basketball, 3×3 basketball, association football, fast soccer, flag billet, indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

The representatives were joined by players from the squads “Adolfo Lopez Mateos”, “Nezahualcóyotl”, “Cuauhtémoc”, “Ignacio Ramirez Calzada” and “Angel Maria Garibay Kintana” of Toluca, “Isidro Fabela Alfaro” of Atlacomulco, as well as “Jose Pichardo Pagaza” from Almoloya of Alquisiras Preparatory School. Also schools and faculties, as well as University Centers and Professional Academic Units.

In total, 43 sports promoters participated, attached to the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the UAEMéx, who promoted the participation of young students.

The University Leagues were based at the “Adolfo López Mateos” Sports Unit, as well as the sports spaces of the Professional Academic Units and University Centers, where prizes were awarded to the first three places in each branch and discipline.

It should be mentioned that the main objective of the University Administration 2021-2025 is to promote the University Leagues to promote sports among the student community, healthy coexistence and collaborate in the integral development of the student body.



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