Serie A: Lecce at the first home success, Atalanta at peak – Sport

On the day of the seventh anniversary of the Sticchi Damiani presidency, Lecce toasts the first domestic success of the season with a perfect one-two signed by the unprecedented couple Baschirotto-Di Francesco, rediscovering the success that was missing from last September 16. 2-1 the final against Atalanta, for which Zapata’s scoring is not enough, who thus fails to reach second place, pays for the large turnover implemented by Gasperini (9/11 changed compared to Napoli) and a fairly good first half mediocre, with a second part of the match led to the attack, thanks to the changes made by the visiting coach, but with many errors in the final phase. The Salentini smile and push the slightly asphyxiated classification, reaching 12, while the Orobics, in their third defeat in the last four games, remain at 27 and feel the breath of Juve and Inter on their necks. (The chronicle)

As announced on the eve, large turnover for Gasperini at Atalanta (9 interpreters change respecting the last match) in view of Sunday’s match against Inter: in attack space for Zapata and Malinovskyi, in defense at rest Demiral (cautioned) and in the Okoli field, Sportiello is between the posts. On the home front, Baroni finds Pongragic, in the offensive trident space for Di Francesco, for Umtiti only the bench. It starts and already from the first skirmishes it is clear that both teams intend to play it. Atalanta closes Lecce in their own half, but cannot find the conclusion in goal (Zapata tries at 5 ‘but Falcone is careful), with Lecce trying to come out with quick restarts looking for Colombo, even if the pressure of guests is almost nagging. Lecce believes in it and within two minutes scores an incredible one-two worthy of the best boxer. He runs the 28 ‘and on the developments of a corner Baschirotto bursts into it, who with a perfect zuccata puts behind Sportiello for the Giallorossi advantage. Ball in the center, Okoli’s mistake and the road cleared for Di Francesco who enters the area, bypasses Sportiello and scores the Giallorossi doubling (30 ‘). Two to zero, with the Via del Mare transformed into a real arena.

Atalanta feels the blow, but finds a way to reopen the match. Malinovskyi’s through ball, revisable home defense and Zapata left footed the goal (40 ‘) for the orobics, who halved the disadvantage. The two minutes of recovery put an end to a crackling first part of the match, which seemed closed with the two Giallorossi signings, but reopened at the end by the Nerazzurri. Start the recovery with a double change operated by Gasperini: in Koopmeiners and Maehle for De Roon and Soopy. Atalanta, as in the first half, starts strong and crushes the hosts. The draw seems to have been done (58 ‘) but Falcone is surpassed on Okoli’s header. The Giallorossi suffer, Baroni tries to change the inertia of his and changes the outside of the attack trident (64 ‘): Oudin and Banda for Strefezza and Di Francesco.

The guests continue to press, Pongragic gets a yellow card (68 ‘) to stop Pasalic; Gasperini plays all the cards and throws Lookman into the fray (69 ‘), Baroni responds with the entries of Bistrovic and Ceesay for Blin and Colombo. The guests are thrown to the boarding (also Boga and Hojlund inside) and the draw seems to be one step away, but Koopmeiners (79 ‘), only in front of Falcone misses the target. The 5 minutes of recovery are a real pathos for the hosts, but in the end the party is all Giallorossi. Atalanta beaten, and failed to reach second place, Lecce toasting to the second victory of the tournament (first success within the friendly walls) and celebrating under the northern curve, soul of the Giallorossi cheering.



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