Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: “It’s the love of football”

The day after signing with the New York Jets, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif met with the media by videoconference to talk about his return to the game, which he is doing first and foremost for the love of football.

I’ve been back for two days already, living with the team in the locker room. Honestly, it feels good. It’s crazy how much you miss it. it is indescribable.

There is something so precious in these moments of sport. It’s not necessarily the team victories, it’s also on a daily basis. I think it’s when you’re away from football that you realize that you’re privileged to do that.

Even in New York, his comeback was hailed by several supporters on social media. Some even saw him jump on the field immediately, since the one who plays at his position, guard Nate Herbig could not practice this week due to a shin injury.

The Quebecer returns to the NFL by signing a contract with the New York Jets.

The gentle giant is much more cautious in his timeline for his return to play.

Not right now, that’s for sure. I’m still on the practice team.

football.","text":"Je ne mets pas trop de pression. Mais, je suis conscient qu’il ne reste que 9 matchs à la saison régulière (ndlr: 8 matchs). Si je veux contribuer, il faut que mon ascension se fasse rapidement, mais en même temps, je suis conscient que ça fait huit ou dix mois que je n’ai pas joué au football."}}">I don’t put too much pressure. But, I am aware that there are only 9 games left in the regular season (8 games, editor’s note). If I want to contribute, my rise must be done quickly, but at the same time, I am aware that it has been eight or ten months since I played football.

In the spring, the man nicknamed LDT said he kept the door open for football, even if he had to take a break to start his medical residency.

He took the necessary steps to stay in touch with his sport. Right off the bat, he asked for a four-month leave for the NFL season. He has therefore only completed two and a half months of the 24 months he must spend at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, in family medicine.

In an ideal world, I would go back in March, after winning another Super Bowl, that’s kind of the planhe added with a smile.

One last lap?

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif had not mentioned retirement at the end of last season. He doesn’t go any further today, preferring to stay in the present moment.

I consider myself really privileged that the Jets wanted my services this year, at this point in the season. I will try to do my best this year and we will see for next year.

There is no other lap if you don’t contribute and play at a high level this year. That’s kind of my approach right now. To see how I can integrate this alignment as quickly as possible, to contribute, to leave my mark. After that, if we want my services afterwards, we’ll discusshe concluded with the wisdom of an old family doctor.

When a journalist told him about his influence on young people and what he wanted them to remember from his return to football, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif could have released the tape and talked about perseverance or the pursuit of his dreams. The football player instead responded with humility.

football et j’ai pris cette décision parce que j’aime jouer au football et c’est pour ça que je suis ici.","text":"Je ne crois pas avoir poussé la réflexion si loin. Quelquefois tu n’as pas à porter la pression de prendre tes décisions en fonction de plaire à tout le monde. Je crois que c’est ma décision de revenir au football et j’ai pris cette décision parce que j’aime jouer au football et c’est pour ça que je suis ici."}}">I don’t think I pushed the thought that far. Sometimes you don’t have to bear the pressure to make your decisions based on pleasing everyone. I believe it’s my decision to come back to football and I made this decision because I love playing football and that’s why I’m here.

Young and old can only admire his frankness and wish him a good end to the season.



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