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Andi, Tinto and Trochi, the mascot options for the next national games.

The options are Andi, the spectacled bear; Red, the cup of coffee; and Trochi, the hummingbird.

Los XXII National Games and VI Paranational Coffee Region 2023, of which Quindío will be one of the venues, choose a character, between Andi, the spectacled bear; Red, the cup of coffee; and Trochi, the hummingbird.

The key variables validated by the Organizing Committee were taken into account: representative animals or elements of the Coffee Region, traditional symbols of biodiversity in the region, easily recognized and ecosystem conservation.

On the official website of the Ministry of Sport a banner of National and Paranational Sports Games 2023 is arranged, in which, when you click on it, you will find all the information corresponding to the three characters. At the bottom there is a voting button where you can enter to choose the character of your choice. Voting will be enabled from October 3 to 17,” the Ministry reported.

You can vote for your favorite by clicking this link

The proposals

Andi, the spectacled bear: one of the species of the Coffee Region and Colombia, in general, is honored. It lives in forests and is characterized by its dark hair and light spots on its face. Its role in the ecosystem is key. It is the guardian of the moors since, with courage and determination, by using branches and opening space in the forests, it allows light to pass through and help plants germinate.

Red, the cup of coffee: Colombia is synonymous with coffee and its grain, which is mainly produced and exported from this region, evolves into a cup that represents the entire country. Active, cheerful and energetic, he will be on each game stage with the enthusiasm that he produces, to also promote the union that a cup generates in any home, office or restaurant in the country.

Trochi, the hummingbird: versatility, agility and inspiration. Through the coffee mountains, it enchants with its spectacle of speed, sharp vision, bright colors and long beak, with which they pollinate plants, essential for the conservation of the flora. It will be an example of stability for Colombian athletes.

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