Double date for soriano badminton

An intense weekend is presented again for the Soria-CS24 Badminton Club and the AD89 of El Burgo de Osma with their participation in paths territorial tests of Castilla y León and the Basque Country and that will be valid for the national ranking.

Absolute and senior players have their appointment in Tudela de Duero where they will face club players from the central part of the peninsula with a large turnout. There will be four players in the absolute category: Beatriz Hernández, Nora Martínez and Victor Ortega, on behalf of the Club Badminton Soria-CS24 while for the AD89 Esther Pereira will be the starting seed in the women’s double and mixed double. The last of the representatives will be José Carlos Pérez from Soriano who will fight for the medals in the senior category.

Another part of volantistas will compete in Vitoria in a test in which they are summoned the sub15, sub19 categories and senior. In all of them there will be participation from Soria, in lower categories with the presence of the sisters Isabel and Daniela Corchón in the fringes sub15 y sub19 respectively, while in the senior category, Manuel Acero, David Hernansanz and Santiago Martínez will be the present players from Club Badminton Soria-CS24 and Sergio Latorre and Cristina Puebla from AD89.



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