NBA World baffled as 42-year-old Miami legend makes bold statement

When talking about Miami Heat legends, the first name that comes to mind is Dwyane Wade. Fans remember him for his ferocity, athleticism, and poster dunks. But one name that doesn’t come up too much is that of Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem. Although Wade ended up spending time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, Haslem spent his entire career with the Miami Heat.

Udonis Haslem was not drafted in the 2002 NBA draft, but was picked up by the Heat in 2003. Haslem currently holds the record for the longest streak by any active player with a single team in the league. This will be Haslem’s 20th season in the league with the Heat.

Udonis Haslem on coaching young players

Haslem is a 6’8″ forward who also occasionally plays as the team’s center. A veteran of the locker room, Haslem’s strong point is his post-defense. Despite being an undersized power forward, Haslem knows how to stop players in the post and is arguably one of the best post defenders for the Heat right now.

Although Haslem doesn’t contribute much on the attacking side of the floor, he more than makes up for it by being a good role player. He is an important substitute for the team and a good presence in the dressing room. Also, having a veteran mentor for younger players is always a plus for the Miami Heat.


However, Haslem’s recent bold claim has fans following him on social media. Haslem said: “I want the kids to say somewhere, I want to have a career like Udonis Haslem – undrafted, worked for everything I got, won three championships, retired and became an owner with the same organization I played with for 20 years. ”

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:

Yes I want to get paid not to work too

— Invoice (@rivercat11838) October 6, 2022

bro you haven’t played any meaningful minutes of basketball since 2011💀 no kid wants to bench for a decade

— JaylenTatum🫴🏾 (@JbandJceltic) October 6, 2022

mec bron t’as ces 3 bagues lol

– Mike Larry (@kaliboydave) October 6, 2022

if my child says that

— ٠ (@spursdontmiss) October 6, 2022

No kid say that ngl

– ‏َ (@BolWrld) October 6, 2022

I give Micky and Pat the utmost respect for wearing it for at least 10 years.😉

— Jay Nice (@Jay_Nice_305) October 6, 2022

It’s not a child who says that

—Mohamed Mazhar (@mohamedmazhar_) October 6, 2022

Miami Heat will retire Haslem’s jersey

Udonis Haslem won three NBA championships with the Miami Heat. And now, with Haslem returning for his 20th season, he will become the third player in NBA history to play at least 20 years with an NBA franchise in his career. The other two players to do so are Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki. Recently, Miami Heat President Pat Riley announced that the Heat would retire Haslem’s number three jersey when he retires.

This is definitely a list that any gamer would definitely want to be on. Haslem might not have been the brightest player on the team. But you can be sure the Miami Heat will take off their jersey whenever they choose to hang up their sneakers.



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