Chateaubourg. Associative mobilization for Pink October

On October 14 and 15, the associations of the Prieuré sports complex are organizing a joint action as part of Pink October.

The principle: invite as many people of all ages as possible to participate in the activities that usually take place on the premises, and to make a donation for breast cancer research. A bar for the benefit of the cause will operate throughout the training sessions.

“This is a first in Châteaubourg, announces Marie-Noëlle Chevrel at the initiative of the event. We want it to be simple and festive. » Representatives of the League Against Cancer will be present for prevention and awareness-raising action.

Pink October is an annual communication campaign aimed at raising women’s awareness of breast cancer screening and raising funds for research.

We all know, directly or indirectly, someone who is affected. We cannot remain indifferent.” argues Marie-Noëlle Chevrel.

Program for October 14 and 15 at the Prieuré: Friday evening: judo, taiso, and handball. Saturday morning: Grymda dance, handball, UAC athletics. Saturday afternoon: yoga, judo, hockey. Without registration.



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