Zamora, ready to host the “Absolute N-3 National Master Trophy” of badminton

Zamora will enjoy this weekend the National N-3 Absolute Master Trophy of badminton. A high-flying date that lands in the capital to convert the Angel Grandson in the national epicenter of the racket and feather sport throughout the weekend with the participation of many of the great figures of this discipline in spain.

The appointment, which has been presented in the City Hall of Zamorahighlights the importance that is gaining in the national scene the Badminton Zamora. A club that “has grown a lot in recent years”, as the Councilor for Sports, Manuel Alesander. “This is an appointment that could not have been carried out without the work of Aitor Llandrésbecause thanks to him this sport has risen from its ashes in this city,” said the mayor, also taking advantage of the Spanish Federation “to choose Zamora as the venue for the tournament.”

In Alseander’s opinion, badmiton is “a sport worth watching” and, therefore, encouraged “everyone to come to the pavilion to enjoy a different sport than what you are used to seeing in the city or on television“. In addition, he assured that the Zamora City Council is delighted with the celebration of the championship because it is interested in “bringing this type of event because its intention is offer younger children the experience of more difficult disciplines to bring closer to their day to day“. “From the council we want to support all those misnamed minority sports so that exist in Zamora and have their space and visibility in the city“, he sentenced.

Tournament schedule and details

For his part, Aitor Llandrés, “alma mater” of Bádmiton Zamora, commented on the small details of the event at the presentation ceremony. An “Absolute N-3 National Master Trophy” that both he and the Zamorano club They have been “organizing everything for weeks” because “there are many details surrounding the tournament”. “The last fringes remain, to tidy up the pavilion and mark the slopes, but everything is ready to hold an event of this type,” said the organizer, wishing it to be a great success and people enjoy a championship with “a high participation both in number and quality” well, Even if Carolina Marín doesn’t come (“the figure that everyone asks about”, as he himself assured) yes, others like Pablo Abián will do it, current champion of the Mediterranean Games, Spain champion multiple times and national olympic representative in various games. A player profile that ensures a high level for the tournament, with more than a hundred registered.

The appointment will be held both on Saturday and Sunday at the Ángel Nieto. Morning, The day will start at 9:30 a.m. with continuous hours until 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. and will be destined to the previous phases of the tables of the different modalities (men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles). While on Sunday, the day will run from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the semifinals and finals of the different categories will be played.

The only “but” of the tournament is the null presence of players from Zamora since, according to Llandrés, “the club began its work from the base a few years ago and the oldest players at Bádmiton Zamora are U-17“, so it is early to see them in action in this type of event. In addition, he himself could have participated in men’s doubles but he acknowledged that it was “unfeasible” because “he could not prepare the championship, organize it and attend to the base at Same time”. Even so, the entire Bádmiton Zamora will be involved in the tournamentexercising different tasks around the matches to shape the championship and enjoy it in the front row.


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