See the good, the bad and the ugly of the 13th date of Liga Betplay II 2022 | summary of the day | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

This week the thirteenth day of the Betplay II-2022 League was played, in which Millonarios won a visit to Junior and after the setbacks of Unión Magdalena, he remained as the sole leader of the classification. The one who failed to recover and raise his head was Deportivo Cali, who lost again and was left without a coach. Mayer Candelo stepped aside after the terrible situation he experienced with the fans in Tuluá.

On this day, in which the match between Santa Fe and Nacional still remains to be played (which will be next Thursday at El Campín), 12 goals have been recorded. It has turned out to be a beneficial date for the locals: Once Caldas, Cortuluá, Águilas and DIM won their matches.

The good

Millionaires is still unstoppable and is more of a leader than ever: Those led by Alberto Gamero continue to consolidate their leadership in the League. This time they overcame Julio Comesaña’s needy Junior, although with several weight loss (Álvaro Montero, Andrés Llinás and Juan Pablo Vargas, with selection. Larry Vásquez, injured). Agonizing goal by Jader Valencia to concede another 3 points and send a clear warning ahead of the Betplay Cup final.

Pasto won and secured himself at the top: During his visit to La Equidad, Flabio Torres’ team came out on top after starting losing. He managed to come back and deal a hard blow to the Bogota team, which was struggling to enter the eight. With goals from Boné, Estacio and Escalante, the volcanic team reached seven wins and 23 points, consolidating themselves in third place. They breathe very close to Unión Magdalena, from which it is separated by just one point.

Marco Pérez plugged in and Águilas flew up the table: Unión Magdalena suffered in Rionegro against a well-established team and with a double from the attacker from Chocó, they were defeated. He could do little or nothing to embarrass goalkeeper José David Contreras. In the end, a result that installed them in fourth place with 22 units.

The bad

Another ‘headless’ technician: this time the departure of Mayer Candelo was confirmed, after the poor results and the terrible situation that occurred at the Doce de Octubre stadium, where dozens of fans invaded the field to attack him. There was mutual agreement for his departure and this Thursday the news was confirmed. Deportivo Cali is drifting again and with a dark panorama in which it continues to be colero.

Union Magdalena could not keep up with Millos: David Ferreira’s team did not play their best game and many ask if they ran out of gas. The truth is that against Águilas he was blurred and lost for the third time in the semester. He showed big defensive flaws and didn’t have much of an offensive presence. It costs him the absence of Jermain Peña and Ricardo ‘Caballo’ Márquez, both out due to injury. The cyclone did not fall since date 7, when Bucaramanga surpassed it.

the ugly

Terrible aggression of fans to Mayer, Teo and other members of Cali: The 82nd minute was played at Doce de Octubre, between Cortuluá 2-0 Cali, when the match had to be suspended. Dozens of barristas rushed onto the field to chase coach Mayer Candelo and the players, with the firm intention of attacking them. The crisis of results was the pretext for the fans to carry out the reprehensible act of violence, which was recorded on video, and which will surely have a harsh sanction for the club.



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