Kyrie Irving said the Nets needed to be swept by the Celtics

Kyrie Irving has been reflective these days, appearing on the Twitch channel KaiCenat where he spoke at length about what it meant for the Brooklyn Nets to be swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of last season’s playoffs.

“That was meant to happen,” said the point guard, who was in several trade rumors this offseason, but in the end he will stay with Brooklyn.

“Motivation bro. We needed that humbling experience, especially against the Celtics,” said Irving, who was with the Boston team for two seasons between 2017 and 2019.

“We’re going to see them again, we’re going to have to. They’re going to be where they’re going to be. But those young guys on the Celtics, bro, I’ve got to see them grow up. So to see them do what they did last year on stage the Finals, coming so far, I’m glad they had to go through us”, confessed the point guard.



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