In Tallinn, the Estonian Kanepi may have to be nervous, fighting against Ostapenko – Tennis –

In Tallinn, the Estonian Kanepi may have to be nervous, fighting against Ostapenko – Tennis –

Kanepi remains calm after learning of the late date of the first leg and of Ostapenko’s injury on Sunday. “Such things still happen. In some previous tournaments as well, I have waited several days for the first round match. What to do, so I have to wait. I don’t pay attention to whether Ostapenko can withdraw from this tournament. It doesn’t really matter who she is facing, the first round is anyway difficult.”

As already reported, Ostapenko’s injury is not serious enough to refuse the start of the WTA 250 in Tallinn.

Kanepi has not played since the second round of the US Open on September 1. “It’s possible that I’ll have to get used to it during the first matches. In general, I’ve always managed after breaks, nothing bad,” admits Estonia’s second racket, who also prepared for the home tournament together with Baltic first racket Aneta Kontaveita.

The balance of matches between Ostapenko and Kanepi is 1-1. “Since she plays at a very high pace, it is difficult to think of something tactical, but maybe we will succeed,” says the 37-year-old Estonian.

“I’m not nervous now, but I think it will happen when I have to play in a full hall with Estonians. Then we’ll see,” says Kaija Cannabis. “It will definitely be more nervous than in other tournaments. It’s probably calmer abroad, but it’s different at home. I would like to play every day until Sunday.”

On the evening of September 28, the most intriguing duel of the first round will take place Alon Ostapenko (WTA 17th) and Kaija Kanepi (WTA 32nd).

Ticket prices – 29, 49 and 129 euros (from the matches of September 26), 39, 59 and 189 euros (from the evening session of September 30), 69, 89 and 249 euros (the final of October 2), informs en/custompage/2567

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