Erwin Lemmens suspected in the Clean Hands case, but still present at the federation party: “This does not change the situation” | Red Devils

Red DevilsThe football association organized a reception for the inauguration of the new association building. Also present: Erwin Lemmens. Not in costume, but in training outfit of the Red Devils. However, the goalkeeper coach has been inactive since January because he is part of the 56 suspects in the Clean Hands case.

Former goalkeeper Lemmens has been with the football association for more than eight years, but the court suspects him of money laundering and forgery. He was working with regret optant Dejan Veljkovic at the time. Between 1 February 2013 and the summer of 2014, the RBFA paid him through a fictitious management agreement with the Cypriot company Beneyug Sport Management Ltd, founded by Veljkovic.

The total sum of private invoices would have been about 52,808 euros. Former federation chairman François De Keersmaecker and ex-CEO Steven Martens also have to answer to the court for the same reason.

When it became known that Lemmens would actually have to appear before the investigating judge, the association decided to put him on non-active status. But what did he do at the festivities of the football association? “We understand the question. But the presence of Erwin Lemmens at the opening of the federation building does not change the situation.”

Read: he is (officially) still inactive. With Iñaki Bergara, confidant of national coach Roberto Martínez, the Devils employ another goalkeeper coach.

The union points out that Steven Martens (ex-CEO), Mehdi Bayat and François De Keersmaecker (ex-chairmen) were also present. “Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.” Martens and Bayat were present in costume, as is customary at a reception. Erwin Lemmens wore a training outfit of the Red Devils and was spotted between the players and the technical staff of the national teams.

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