Are things creaking between the main star Karlos Vémola and the management of OKTAGON?

Karlos Vémola, after his victory over Ilič, which made him the OKTAGON light-heavyweight champion, let it be known that he is going to have elbow surgery, but that he would definitely like to fight at the OKTAGON 36 tournament in Germany, because he wants to be a full part of the foreign expansion. He also talked about wanting to fight for the heavyweight title in Frankfurt. In short, he counted on the fact that he would be in Germany, to which he obviously subordinated his state of health, only to subsequently learn that it would be different.

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“Given the fact that I counted and hoped that Ondra and Pal would send me to Germany, which did not happen, for whatever reasons, they must already know that, so we did not slow down the preparation, but taking into account the fact that I am after the operation , they adjusted a little that we are entering the mode that I have to be ready only at the end of December. There’s no reason to rush it at all. At least we will prevent unnecessary injuries.” explained Karlos Vémola during a live broadcast with Fight Live.

However, Karlos obviously counted on the match in Frankfurt a lot, to which he also submitted to hand surgery, “I was injured in the fight with Ilič. I broke my elbow on it, so it was acute and had to be operated on. But my elbow has been bad for a long time, so the doctors said that if they were going to open it up, they would do a complete reconstruction so that it would be fine, because it would have to be done anyway. I, because I thought that I had an agreement with Ondra Novotný that I would wrestle in Germany, said no, that I wasn’t ready, so let them do only what is absolutely necessary, because I promised Ondra and in I want to be in Germany.

That’s why I’m so upset that I’m not in Germany, because I could have put it behind me. By the end of December, I would have time to prepare nicely, and this is how it means to me that I ‘put off’ the operation, I didn’t have it done completely. I won’t start in Germany anyway, I’ll wait until December, do a match and then I have to have surgery again. Totally unnecessary, but it’s a shame to talk about it. It’s just done,” continued a visibly angry and disappointed Vémola.

Ondřej Novotný argued that the Terminator should save himself and that he probably has an important fight with Kincle in sight, so it is necessary to stay on the ground a little. “I think this is just some completely useless and stupid excuse for the public. He should probably have dealt with that with me. If he had told me in August, I would have had that hand operated properly. If he was interested in my health, then we agreed immediately. It’s more about the fact that I don’t fit their card to Germany. They don’t have an adequate opponent there. They want to graduate Puetz, but they probably won’t succeed, because I think Meloun will run him over. They need to sell out the O2 Arena because I manage to have two camps of people… OKTAGON suits it. It certainly has nothing to do with them taking care of my health. Let’s not pretend they’re doing it for me. Definitely not,” Vémola closed this topic.

Until now, many fans have accused OKTAGON and its management of straining Vémola, but it turns out that there are friction surfaces after all, in connection with which Vémola spoke interestingly and offered a behind-the-scenes look.

At the last press conference, Ondřej Novotný explained why we won’t see Vémola on O36

“We can confirm that he won’t be there,” promoter Ondřej Novotný responded to a question from MMA Shorties, it is already certain that Karlos Vémola will not start at the OKTAGON 36 tournament in Germany. “He really wanted it. I understand that and we would stand for it too, but I think he has a long way to go (big match) and most importantly two operations in a row. I told him that he had two surgeries, three games and one more to go, that he made 5 games in his most active season, so let’s be sober. He, when he gets going, would wrestle every month. I respect that and we enjoy it, but I think that shortly after the new year we have another interesting thing there that he will definitely be interested in, so we agreed that he understands that.”

The interesting thing mentioned should be the title match in Munich, “I have been promised by Ondra Novotný that if I beat Kincl in December, so I will be the middle and light heavyweight champion, that he will give me a heavyweight fight in Munich in February, that I will be able to be the first to try for three titles. Ondra just doesn’t talk about it much anywhere, so I have the feeling that he doesn’t mention it anywhere, so that it doesn’t turn out like Germany and then he doesn’t tell me that he didn’t promise it and that it wasn’t agreed upon. I have been promised by him that if I have two titles, I can go for the heavyweight title, but he doesn’t say that anywhere, in case it doesn’t suit him, so he doesn’t promise it, which I think is a shame.

A given hand pays for me. When I agree on something with someone, the train doesn’t go through it. This is how I perceived it from OKTAGON, and the fact that things are happening differently now makes me really sad. But I won’t give a fuck about it. I’m only sorry internally. I do not care. I keep my word.”



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