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[The Epoch Times, August 28, 2022](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Artist Xie Zuwu is a man who loves his wife. Except for “payment”, the family has full authority to leave it to his wife. A few days ago, he was interviewed by LiTV to promote the new drama. He mentioned that he was a baseball fan in the drama, which made the heroine very unbearable. In fact, he was also outside the drama, but for the sake of his wife, he had his own set of solutions.

“You also know that sometimes LIVE events are held in the middle of the night or at 4 or 5 in the morning, football, racing, baseball, etc., especially racing, I wake up my wife whenever I get up to watch, and my wife sleeps lightly. So I would invite her to watch it and say to her, ‘I’ll give you a massage by the way…’.” He knew that his wife didn’t really want to watch it, but she wanted to be massaged.

Therefore, Xie Zuwu would massage his wife for five to ten minutes while watching, and then let her rest comfortably. “That is, giving her some gentleness can solve this problem!” Xie Zuwu said.

Xie Zuwu is the head of the family in “Winter Chrysanthemum, No Problem”, and off-screen makes his wife the “head of the family”, an example of a good husband. With Lin Jiali (middle) and Li Weifeng (right) as a family. (Provided by LiTV)

This time, the actors Lin Jiali and Li Weifeng in the new drama “Winter Ju, No Problem” were also interviewed together. When talking about Dong Ju, the role of “I am embarrassed to refuse other people’s requests”, Lin Jiali laughed and said that she is not the same as Dong Ju, “I I’m not so selfless, I’m very selfish! I must settle myself first before thinking of others, on the set I always eat myself before caring for others! Ha!”

When Lin Jiali said this, Li Weifeng said on the side that she was too modest, “Sister Jiali will be very careful to observe other people’s little emotions, such as ‘it’s okay, let’s take a break! Eat something, I have something delicious to share with you’ , so that everyone can relax well.”

Lin Jiali believes that if she encounters an actor at the filming site, it is easier to get angry or nervous. She will accompany him during a break. It is not necessarily to discuss the plot, but to let the parties escape the tension and re-enter the situation, and wait for the opportunity in the future. Share your experience well. Lin Jiali’s little thoughtfulness speaks for itself.

Xie Zuwu also said: “I have observed carefully, your smile is very similar to Tang Dongju’s, both are very cheerful and carefree… Then there is no distance!”

If you are rebellious, you can’t bear it: behead first and then play the result at your own risk

Xie Zuwu played father and son with Li Weifeng this time. In the play, the son was rebellious, got married, gave birth to a child and then divorced. Xie Zuwu, who has an excellent son in real life, would be angry when asked if his son was the same? He said bluntly: “Let him do it! Don’t come back and complain when it hurts!”

Xie Zuwu said that people are responsible for their own decisions, and he will not be angry at the moment, “I will probably wrap a red envelope and say to him, ‘Congratulations, and then do you want to stay for a meal? If you don’t eat it, Then you can go out now…’, you don’t respect me, why should I respect you too much?”

He feels that no matter who is between people, “whether it is a parent-child or a friend, no matter how close the relationship is, we must respect each other. This is the basic issue of human beings.” The implication is that Xie Zuwu does not seem to forgive.

Then he said: “I didn’t blame him, I just asked him to leave, because you are already a father, you have the responsibility to give this child, YOUR BABY a FAMILY, a life of your own!”

Responsible editor: Liu Yuhan


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