Outdoor shooting day for archers

Guérigny. Outdoor shooting day for the Asgu archers. Before setting off for a new season, the archery section of Asgu had a great day outdoors, on the historic site of the coast at Bouillot. About fifteen enthusiasts, young and old, played on various targets, with, for the little ones, a variant of the whole game with skittles and stuffed animals, by adapting the distances.

Tue Roy

The day ended with a traditional exercise, the shooting of Roy, which consists of shooting down a wooden bird at a distance of 50 m, using a traditional bow without a sight. Each archer shoots an arrow in a predefined order and the shots are repeated until one of them shoots down the bird. The under 12s are on a shooting range at 10m and a height of 2m, when their elders move back to 15m. Among the youngest, Enzo won the title of Roy of the year, ahead of Lilou and Julien.

The club is now meeting all archery enthusiasts on Tuesday, September 6, when training resumes. Information on



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