RI Athletes Discuss Lack of Field Test Time


Two days ahead 2022 World Championship, the Indonesian badminton team still needs to adapt to the playing field. The duration of the exercise which is divided by 15 minutes per sector is a factor.

Fajar Alfian et al have actually been able to try out the field at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, where the 2022 World Championship badminton event will take place. However, time is limited.

They only got 60 minutes with two fields that could be used on Saturday (20/8/2022), namely courts three and four. As a result, the coaching team was forced to divide each sector into 15 minutes.

“The playing field is very good, the atmosphere is magnificent. Today we each got 15 minutes each. It’s enough to look for control and feel the hit,” said Head of Binpres PP PBSI Rionny Mainaky in a PBSI release.

“The condition of the field was good, it was suitable for the match from the wind and lighting. But we don’t know whether this setting is final or not because the field preparations have not been completed,” he continued.

Rionny said that in general his team had adapted, but was not completely satisfied. “Indeed, today’s children are not satisfied. But tomorrow there will be one more practice. We can maximize it,” said Rionny.

“In general, I see that the adaptation has gone quite well. Tomorrow we will continue and hopefully it will be even better,” he said.

Meanwhile, the men’s doubles pair Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto hope to adapt well on Sunday (21/8).

“We tried to play on the field for about 15 minutes. We are still adjusting the wind direction, lighting, and the situation on the pitch. Tomorrow there will be more practice, hopefully the adaptation will be better. We move a lot, jog and stretch so that the body is not too heavy. stiff,” said Fajar.

“The obstacles are not too pronounced because the training was only 15 minutes, very fast. So I don’t know what the shortcomings are in the field,” Rian replied.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium is no stranger to Fajar/Rian. They once competed here in 2018. “The hall in Japan is always big and majestic. Especially here we have competed in 2018. We hope this field brings good luck,” concluded Fajar.



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