Municipal Basketball League | Timon only knows about triumphs and now he leads alone

Those of Jáuregui defeated Arenal Mamis and as the First of Arenal succumbed to Hunting and Fishing, now they rule alone. There were also victories for Muni Pilar and Escobar.

The gym of the Don Torcuato Hunting and Fishing club hosted the development of a new date of the Municipal Basketball League, one of the contests organized by the Commune through the Sports Department.

The first round of the regular stage is closing and only one undefeated remains: El Timón de Jáuregui, who won again and watches the rest of the participants from the top of the standings.

Even being far from his best version, Timón got rid of an opponent that has given more than one surprise in the season like Arenal Mamis, whom he ended up winning by 29 to 21.

At the end of the first half, Jáuregui’s men won 20-11 and had history on track and ended up celebrating despite the fact that the second 20 minutes were full of inaccuracies and little offensive power.

The leading figures were Roxana Aiello (11) and Carla Ruso (9), while Gabriela Abbiusi (9) and Yamila Posdeley (6) stood out among the women from Escobar.

Timón was left alone at the top because Caza y Pesca took full advantage of the local situation and surprisingly beat Arenal Primera 62-57, in the most attractive game of the day.

The Torcuatenses started with everything and made quick differences against an Arenal that had a hard time getting into the game. Thus they arrived at halftime winning 29 to 18. The sandbox reaction was expected for the complement and it arrived but Caza y Pesca kept up the pace, banked the moment and got a much celebrated success.

In Hunting and Fishing, the best were Veronica Jacquet (10), Yanina Rojas (14) and C. Fernandez (14), while Arenal had as outstanding values ​​Agustina Lemes (16), Micaela Griantz (11) and Vanesa Rey (10).

The most balanced match of all those of the date was the one that opposed Ingeniero Raver de Los Cardales and Sportivo Escobar, who ended up winning 51 to 48 and reached the cardaleras in third position.

Raver was more in the first period but Escobar woke up in the second half and took three vital points for his aspirations to continue climbing the table. Among the light blue ones, Valentina Ferreyra (25), Melina Heis (9) and Sofía Gatti (5) stood out, while Raver had Luana Alexandre (23), Marcia López (15) and Malena Rusomano (5) as figures.

The day was completed with the success of Muni Pilar over the bottom Italian by a comfortable 44 to 18. The game helped Pilar’s girls to cut a drought of three games and get ahead of what is to come.

Muni Pilar formed with Carolina Sánchez (6), Sol Tabarez, Gisele Ramos (2), María Villalba (9), Luján Fernández (5), Micaela Miño (4), Micaela Ruiz (14) and Luz Lupo (4). In Italian, the best were Cynthia Juncos (8) and Verónica Ahumada (5).

what’s coming This Sunday, August 14, the 7th date of the contest will be held. It will be at the Arenal de Maschwitz field and the program will be as follows: Arenal Mamis-Italiano (14), Raver-Caza y Pesca (15.30), Escobar-Muni Pilar (17) and Timón-Arenal Primera (18.30).

Timón 12, Arenal Primera 11, Hunting and Fishing 10, Raver 9, S. Escobar 9, Muni Pilar 8, Arenal Mamis 7 and Italiano 6.



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