Millionaires: the Blue Commandos would return to the north grandstand of El Campin | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

In the midst of happiness for the leadership in the Liga BetPlay 2022-IIthe fans of millionaires are divided regarding the decision that would be made on the organized bars of the team.

According to various media outlets, the District authorized the the popular bars return to the northern part of the El Campín Stadiumarea where today is located the the familiar stand.

The above means that the Blue commandsthe club’s historic bar, will return to the North, after several years sharing a grandstand in the southern sector with Blue Rain.

​“#OFFICIAL The district authorized the return of popular bars to the North Side. The Blue Commandos will return to their original grandstand from the match against Jaguares”, detailed the media outlet ‘Mundo Millos’ on its Twitter account.

With the first endorsement given, now only the YES remains from the albiazul directive. Precisely in this regard, the president Henry Camacho confirmed in ‘El Alargue’ on Caracol Radio that from now on this possibility is being studied.

In case everything ends up happening, from the next August 20 against Jaguares The new change in the organization of El Campín will take effect.

The news did not sit well with the ambassador fans. On the one hand, there are those who celebrate the return of the Commandos to the place they have historically had and likewise highlight the “party” that they will offer within the sports venue; On the other hand, there are those who refuse to allow this to happen for security reasons on the outskirts of the stadium (especially on the north side, where one of the parking lots is located and where the lane is for those going to the East) and the disparity of chants between North (Commandos) and South (Blue Rain).

There is also the issue of families subscribed to the family tribune. Although it is speculated that they could be transferred to Occidental Lateral, the issue of security and ticket costs would make a good number of them stop attending. And it is that in the future they would go from paying less than 40 thousand pesos to more than 80 thousand in Occidental or almost 50 thousand in Oriental.



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