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Julian Alvarez goes through a curious situation in English territory. Signed a few months ago as the future figure of the Manchester Citythe young attacker little by little adapts to the style Pep Guardiola.

He scored on his debut for Community Shield (despite being defeated by Liverpool) and added minutes last weekend in Premier League. The illusion for his progress is total.

Not surprisingly, Guardiola himself explained a few days ago how happy it is to have a player with Álvarez’s talent: “He’s absolutely incredible with the ball. He can have it, he can pass it, he can play with it with no problem, he can attend. We have the feeling that we signed a top class youngster for the years to come.”

Also in the last few hours he became an absolute idol throughout England and not precisely because of his performance on the pitch. Such is the pleasure that they made a mural in his honor.

And it is that during last Sunday’s game against West Ham, Julián entered the 78th minute to replace Erling Haaland. After this, in an offensive play he tried to finish off the goal from medium distance, but the ball hit an opponent and went to the corner kick.

What seemed like normal gaming action ended in a video that went viral in moments. It turns out that the player Álvarez hit with his ball was none other than Kurt Zouma, a French defender hated in British territory for a scandal involving his pets.

For those who don’t remember, a video surfaced in February showing Zouma kicking and slapping his cats. All while he mocked his actions. Being accused of animal abuse, the English justice sanctioned him with 180 hours of social service and lost the custody of the animals.

Since then, in every Premier stadium they insult and boo him…

With all this on the table, Álvarez’s pitch to Zouma, which incidentally left the defender on the verge of knockout and lying on the grass, was taken by the public as revenge. Even City fans sang to him: “That’s how your cat feels.”

It did not stop there. This Monday the photo of a mural made in the city of London went viral on networks. There you can see the Argentine striker next to the silhouette of four cats and three hearts with the phrase: “Thank you.”

Julián Álvarez, without knowing it, became a “national hero”. See it all here:



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