From being a dump to receiving the final of a South American Basketball Championship

Argentina and Brazil played the final of the South American Women’s Basketball Championship at the Arena La Pedrera Stadium. Just over five years ago, that place was a dump.

A few weeks after assuming the governorship, at the end of 2015, Alberto Rodríguez Saá announced the construction of La Pedrera Park, in a dump that separated the Río Quinto from the La Ribera neighborhood, in Villa Mercedes.

“The idea is to turn an ugly place, a dump that is dark and insecure at night, into the Park that I want to be one of the most important tourist attractions in Argentina,” said the governor on February 12, 2016 when presented the ambitious project.

In July it was five years since the inauguration of that Park that seemed like a dream. To celebrate the anniversary there were sporting and cultural events that filled each space with life, such as the 6th date of National Tourism, the Lali Esposito show, the National Basketball All-Star Game, the Argentine Cup match between River Plate and Barracas Central, and the South American Women’s Basketball Championship, which ended on Saturday night.

Different national and international authorities and former players of the national team came to La Pedrera to accompany Argentina, and did not spare praise to refer to the infrastructure offered in this Championship. Among them, the former president of FIBA ​​and current honorary president of the highest entity in world basketball, Horacio Muratore; the president of the Argentine Basketball Confederation, Fabián Borro, and the former player and current coach, Inés Ferazzoli.

But the series of sporting and cultural events will not stop in August and September: next Saturday “The Air Conditioning Fundamentalists” will arrive. On August 20, boxer from Mercedina Micaela Luján will make her second defense of the IBF world title, before the end of the month a round of 16 match of the Argentine Cup will be played and on September 11 the Half Marathon “La Pedrera”.

Note and photos: Press Secretariat of Sports.



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