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After months of waiting, the competitions have finally started. During the first two days, our athletes from here have experienced mixed fortunes… but all remain in the race for medals.

Results after 2 days of competitions

Baseball boys – Quebec undefeated after three games
The Quebec team started their day with a 5-4 victory over the Prince Edward Island team, before continuing with an 11-0 victory against the Manitoba delegation at the end of the evening .
In the morning, the game between Quebecers and baseball players from Prince Edward Island required an extra inning. After taking a 1-0 lead in the 3rd set, the athletes from the province saw their rivals score 2 runs in the 4th, but tied the score in the 5th. Tied after seven innings, both teams scored in the 8th. The Princes-Edwardians first crossed the plate twice, but the Quebecers replied with 3 points.

The Belle Province baseball players will face the Albertans on Tuesday, then complete their Group B round robin by facing the Newfoundland and Labrador players on Wednesday.

Our talents from here: Jeremy Pilon | Marek Lalonde | Rémi Lemay | Jacob Wallace

Girls Softball – A first victory for Quebec women
The Quebecers had a solid fifth set of 5 points en route to an 8-3 win over the Ontarians to savor their first triumph in their second round robin outing in Pool B.
The athletes of La Belle Province played boldly by scoring on two occasions on amortizations, while a player was on third base.
At the conclusion of the preliminaries, Tuesday, the fleurdelisé color bearers will face the representatives of New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our talents from here: Naomi Peltier | Lea Chevrier | Emma Duncan | Jessica Briefcase | Naomi Cohen | Estelle Audette | Laurianne Lecavalier | Olivia May-Giguere | Alexia Chevrier | Brad PelletierCoach

Basketball – A masterful first game
The men’s basketball team easily got rid of Saskatchewan by a score of 115-76 on Monday at the Meridian Centre.
At halftime, the Quebec players already had a 30-point lead over their opponents. They were never worried afterwards and rode to a convincing victory

Our talent from here : Jacob Zoni

Triathlon – A first test to get in shape
Before the classic triathlon in a few days, it was the Triathlon Sprint event. Béatrice Charland from Coteau-du-Lac took a good 7th place with a time of 1h 8min and 22 seconds.

During the next event Béatrice will find her sister Clara in the hope of winning a medal.

Our talents from here: Beatrice Charland | Clara Charland

To be continued today:
11:00 – girls softball – Preliminaries | Pool B – Match 16 – NB vs. QC
13:00 – boys baseball – Preliminaries | Pool B – Match 19 – AB vs. QC
14:00 – girls softball – Preliminaries | Pool B – Game 19 – TNL v. QC
19:45 – boys basketball – Preliminaries | Pool A – Match 12 ON vs. QC

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