3rd, but still happy. Victor Campenaerts: “People are fan of Lotto-Soudal again” | cycling

With a broad smile and still astonishingly fresh and worked up, Victor Campenaerts explained his good mood in La Louvière: “We finish third, fourth and sixth here today. That is not a result we come to race for, but it shows how strong the team is.”

“Just like last Sunday, we controlled the entire race, only Kristoff was the strongest and Dries (Van Gestel, ed.) also drove phenomenally. We raced brilliantly, I think people will be fans of Lotto Soudal again.”

It is a step in the right direction, according to Campenaerts: “The new sponsors will be happy with how we come into the picture. Of course a victory is always more desirable, but we are participating to win. The next race is the prize.”

Thanks to the 3 top 10 places, Lotto Soudal collects at least 110 much-needed points in the battle for retention as a WorldTour team. This keeps it ahead of the competition.

As a result, Campenaerts sees the Lotto-Soudal story end positively at the end of the cycling season: “If we continue to ride in this way: with the same mind set and dominance, I see no problem in staying at the highest level.”



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