NBA MARKET – Trade-madness for the Lakers: James-Irving-Durant together!

The Lakers could plant a bomb blast on the next NBA season, according to a mega-trade that The Athletic would have brought to the media attention of fans.

In the last few days the situation at Brooklyn Nets has deteriorated, so both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are on the starting foot. And with the New York management having the contracts in the hands of the two players, there will certainly be important movements in two directions in the trade game.

So Irving, Seth Curry and Royce O’Neal could go to the Lakers in exchange for Russell Westbrook and the first-round picks of 2027 and 2029.

If Brooklyn doesn’t want to load Russ’s $ 47 million contract, then a third team could enter the trade, which would include Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn.

As for Kevin Durant, the Lakers should definitely put Anthony Davis on the starting block, since there are no other equally interesting players (by value and salary) on their roster to attempt Brooklyn, since LeBron is adamant.

Obviously, the Lakers will have to … quantitatively reshape their roster, with few options for rotations if they want to make LeBron, Irving and Durant teammates.



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