Mārcis Vītols with “Limbažu ceļiļ” defeats all visitors in the stage of the Latvian 3×3 basketball cup

“Limbažu ceļi” – Mārcis Vītols, Vents Venbergs, Dāvis Skrastiņš and Kaspars Veide – beat everyone in the Latvian 3×3 Basketball Cup on Saturday, July 2 in Limbaži. “Valka/All Stars UA” and “VEF BA Valka” also entered the top three in the competition of 12 teams. Mārcis Vītols was recognized as the most valuable player.

The top three scorers scored 47 points each. Gatis Zlemets (“OC Limbaži”) should be called the most productive player, who did it in five games, while champions representatives Mārcis Vītols and Vents Weinbergs – in six matches.

Winners of the Limbaži stage of the Latvian 3×3 Basketball Cup:

1. “Roads of Limbažu” (Vents Weinbergs, Dāvis Skrastiņš, Kaspars Veide, Mārcis Vītols);

2. “Valka/All Stars UA” (Yaroslavs Pivovars, Aleksandrs Martinuks, Ihor Serheyev, Dima Kobilanskyi);

3. “VEF BA Valkā” (Daniels Minajevs, Alex Arutyunovs, Elvis Shukteris, Vadims Vačiļas).

4. “Gabriels”, 5. “Jēkabpils 2”, 6. “JIRMIs”, 7. “OC Limbaži”, 8. “Stop”, 9. “TZT”, 10. “Valka U18”, 11. “Ninjas” , 12. “Valka/Ukraine”.

Limbaži stage info, teams, results, tables.

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Photo: Renars Buivids



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