Football: this season will have had mixed fortunes for the club of the five of Thau

Despite some positive aspects, it is difficult to speak of a good vintage for this regional season.

The 2021-2022 season finally ended in mid-June. Finally, because the exercise lasted in length and its epilogue was tense, not to say painful.

If a Coupe de l’Hérault came to garnish the window of FC Sète a little more, we can in no way speak of a good vintage. Two relegations just before the last round, concern about two other members of the Thau basin, apart from the green and white reserve, the club of five will have suffered.

Regrets for Balaruc

As often, once the championships are over, the decisions of the various commissions, whether disciplinary or financial, modify trajectories. Thus the possible return of FU Narbonne to R1 and the sanction of AS Rousson

may change the starting line of the next championship.

Stade Balarucois will have fought to the end. His poor outing at home against a direct rival (Juventus-Papus) will have been decisive. It is all the more regrettable that the men of Adil El Hasnouni, today gone to other skies, have competed with the vast majority of their opponents but outside. Only two successes at home is very little in a fairly homogeneous group.

Decisive final sprint

For the muscatière reserve too, the results are not great. An all in all correct first leg phase was followed by a dark period. A change of coach and the difficulties of the pennant team are not foreign to it.

For Asfac as for Mèze SFC, it was necessary to fight until the final whistle. The two teams have acquired the right to continue at the same level at the cost of a comeback in the last third of the calendar. For Greg Tanagro’s men, we expected much better, especially given the summer recruitment. The problems arose quite early in the season, the disappointments of certain players with an interesting CV, too. Asfac conceded 16 points at home, took as many away and yet finished sixth. Salvation came from a burst of pride, a tightening of the group and, let’s face it, a more affordable schedule in the final. For the staffs, it was time to move on and come back with better intentions.

FU Narbonne (N3) and Rousson (R1) are on appeal. The penalties of 3 and 7 points inflicted mean that they are now relegated respectively to R1 and R2.



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