Basketball ――The first inter-school athletic meet in the 4th year of the foundation Seisa International Shonan Interscholastic interview that started from the defeat | 4years. #Student sports

Seisa International Shonan, led by the captain of Umejima (center), won the fierce battlefield of Kanagawa (all photographed by Shota Inoue).

The team, which has a short history, has decided to participate in the National High School Championships (Inter-High) for the first time. Seisa International Shonan (Kanagawa) Women’s Basketball Club in the 4th year of its founding. He made his first appearance in the Winter Cup last winter, but his first victory was a deposit. With the thoughts of seniors who continue to play basketball at university, they are aiming for the first “1 win” on the national stage starting from July 27th.

“I kept relying on last year’s third grader.”

This year’s team has risen from a disappointing defeat and grabbed a ticket to the national tournament.

Kanto Championship Kanagawa Prefectural Qualifying on May 5th. I fought the 5th place deciding match with Yaei Sagamihara for the last frame. Just before the end of the three-point behind, I got a foul from my opponent when I aimed for three-point shots in quick succession. He succeeded in the first free throw, two points behind. He hadn’t decided on the remaining two throws, but he picked up a rebound and aimed for a tie shot from below the goal. However, it was not decided.

Kana Ikushima (3rd year), who missed the last shot, said, “I was impatient because I didn’t have time … I lost the game I won because of a wasteful mistake. I’m sorry for the graduates last year.” She covered her face with her hands as the buzzer sounded to signal the end of the match.

The video of the match is edited by artificial intelligence (AI)

Director Manabu Harada took it plainly as “that is his ability.” From there, we had an interview with each of the third graders to discuss “why did they lose” and “what is needed to avoid repeating the same thing”. Captain Riri Umeshima (3rd year) said, “I was relying on the 3rd year of last year. After the Winter Cup (this year), I became a new team from January, but I lost in terms of feelings and I lost in the final grade. I wasn’t fully aware of it. “

The graduated “1st gen member” will continue to compete at the university

The members who graduated this spring are a great opportunity for the current third graders to join the club. For the team in the 4th year of the founding, the current generation of 1st year college students is effectively a “1st year student”. It is said that both Ikushima and Umejima have participated in the practice of Seisa International Shonan since junior high school. Umejima said, “The seniors who are one level higher are bright and I wanted to play basketball here.” Some of my seniors continue to compete at Tamagawa University even after graduating. The day after the interview, the team headed to Tokyo to support Seisa Dohto University, where the seniors had advanced.

When the team was founded, Director Harada, who taught Saori Miyazaki (ENEOS), a member of the Japan Women’s Basketball National Team who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, in junior high school, talked to them through acquaintances and gathered mainly. was. “No player has been in the spotlight since junior high school,” said Harada. He trained from zero and led to his first appearance in the Winter Cup last year.

Lost to Yaei Sagamihara in the spring Kanto tournament qualifying.I got up from here

Inspire players like Slam Dunk

Let’s get back to this year’s team.

After losing to Yaei Sagamihara and missing the Kanto tournament, the practice game used time to raise awareness of the third graders around. When Ikushima and Umejima, who were in the match from last year’s team, tried to talk about the play they were interested in, the other leaders dared to interrupt them saying, “They don’t have to talk.” rice field. In this way, little by little, even in the official game, the voice that “I think it’s better to do this” came to be spontaneously born.

Inter-High’s Kanagawa Prefectural Qualifying went smoothly, but the final league, in which four teams competed for two slots, lost to Kugenuma in the first match and was suddenly driven. Hijiri Watanabe, the main player, couldn’t play due to a sprained leg, and Umejima also hurt his left ankle and was far from the original movement. Ikushima, who had a lot of exercise and a heavy burden, got stuck in the final stages.

After the defeat in spring, it encouraged each person’s positiveness and created the cohesiveness of the team.

There was a week left until the next race, when two consecutive wins were required. At this time, Director Harada said that he inspired the players by comparing it to that popular manga. “The situation of’Gakepuchi’starting from losing is the same as Slam Dunk.” Shohoku High School, which lost its first match in Slam Dunk, decided to advance to the national tournament with consecutive wins. Seisa International Shonan hasn’t given up yet.

Homework from seniors “Be sure to win one”

The opponents of the remaining two games, Yaei Sagamihara and Tokai University Sagami, were both teams that laid down zone defense. Seisa International Shonan has taken thorough measures against this. Watanabe and Umejima’s injuries have healed in a week. He won consecutive victories and decided to participate in the Inter-High for the first time. Umejima’s first voice was “relieved.”

Although it was a welcome event for the team, Ikushima did not seem to be convinced by the content of his match. “I wasn’t able to contribute to the shooting side, and I wasn’t able to play the role of a guard. I have to practice as much as the task became clear. I have to make a reliable shot when there is no mark.”

Hanana Ikushima says, “I’m not convinced of the personal content” even if I decide to participate in the Inter-High.Further polish one-on-one by the stage nationwide

After losing to Niigata Chuo in the first match of the Winter Cup last year, the current team was entrusted with homework by seniors saying, “Make sure to win one.” Can you meet that desire in the first Inter-High School Championships, the Nagasaki West Battle, which will be held on July 27th?


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