Youth sport – with and without a handicap

Sport for people with physical or mental disabilities now has an enormous range – also and especially for young people. During the summer holidays, the Rhineland-Palatinate Sports Association for the Disabled and Rehabilitation (BSV-RLP) is offering a free two-day youth camp for kids and teenagers for the second time from Saturday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 24th, after the premiere last autumn. with and without a handicap, alone or with family – between the ages of 6 and 21. And the focus is on the diversity of the offer.

During these two days, the participants have the opportunity to choose from a total of 14 types of sport and to try them out. Compared to the previous year, numerous new sports have been added to the program. For example, the kids and teenagers can try their hand at table tennis, self-defence or wheelchair tennis, but a whole range of offers will be presented for the first time. One focus this time is blind sports with three sports (football, judo, athletics). Also new are bowling, judo and goalball. The sports are supervised by expert trainers, so that professional support is guaranteed.

A highlight is definitely the prosthesis running, which is offered by Paralympic participant David Behre from APT-Protheses and its managing director Thomas Kipping. The so-called spring prostheses/sports prostheses can be tried out in the running school.

The local conditions are given by the cooperation with the medical command of the Bundeswehr in the Falckenstein barracks in Koblenz, so that nothing stands in the way of a great event. Lunch, dinner and drinks are free for participants thanks to Globus Koblenz.

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The Lottery Foundation RLP, the Unfallkasse RLP, KS Druckwerk Vallendar and the DBSJ.

The youth camp takes place in the Koblenz Falckenstein barracks. Registration deadline is July 1st, registrations are by post (Disabled and Rehabilitation Sports Association Rhineland-Palatinate, Dominic Holschbach, Parkstrasse 7, 56075 Koblenz), by fax (0261-973878-59) or by email dominic.holschbach@bsv- possible.



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