Basketball Gabon Cup: A Fegabab delegation on inspection in Mouila

(Pan-African News Agency) A delegation from the Gabonese basketball federation (FEGABAB) led by Laurel Lemiguy, league coordinator,

Was in Mouila provincial capital of Ngounié, host city for the organization of the first Gabon Cup of the Willy Conrad Asseko era.

From July 28 to August 7, the city of Mouila will host the Gabon inter club basketball cup, a choice that comes from the spirit of the federal office which, during the campaign, had promised to play the competitions of a rotation in the leagues to encourage people to take an interest in the discipline. Fifteen teams will be present at this Gabon Cup, so ten men’s teams and five women’s.

During this stay in Molville, the federal delegation met with the local authorities, namely; the provincial secretary general, the mayor of the municipality of Mouila, the provincial director of sports.

The head of delegation explains the merits of this mission. “The purpose of this mission is to take stock of the reception facilities and sports facilities, namely; the CFPP boarding school, the gymnasium, the stadium of the independence stand which will serve as a training ground […] We have noticed that work is needed in the gymnasium. After the exchanges we had with the local authorities, we can say that the city is ready to host the competition. A local organization coordination will be set up in the next few days. Edified Laurel Lemiguy

The province of Ngounié is a locality very much in demand for the organization of sporting events of a national nature, a choice which did not leave indifferent the office of the league of this province; “We say thank you to all the administrative and political authorities and thank you to the Gabonese Basketball Federation for choosing our beautiful province of Ngounié”. Exclaimed the league president. Remember that this competition is the largest at the national level organized by the office chaired by Willy Conrad Asseko which is working for the materialization of the project the 5 majors.

Ulrich Course SIMA ELLA, correspondant App Gabon



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