GSB Baseball Academy trains young athletes in the East of the country

GSB Baseball Academy trains young athletes in the eastern part of the country

The GSB Baseball Academy offers athletes and their families the opportunity to access a better quality of life and have a promising future, through different sports programs free of charge in the eastern part of the country.

The objective of the baseball academy is to train children and adolescents who show talent to develop professionally in the sport.

The school has about 90 young players, who are preparing for a signing by a Major League team. The academy covers accommodation in its facilities, food, uniforms, diet and experienced coaches, as stated by the owner of GSB Baseball Academy.

I feel great satisfaction when they arrive here as children and come out trained and with a contract in the big leaguesSantana expressed.

“I like the coordination, the work that each of the coaches do, confident that I will reach Big leagues”, expressed Angelo Sánchez, a 14-year-old prospect.

One of the GSB Baseball Academy coaches noted that «Regardless of whether or not they achieve the dream, they must leave prepared to face life; with a good education and being good men”.

He added that young people must comply with a series of regulations that ensure order and discipline within the facilities; Likewise, it is essential that they continue with their studies while they are part of the academy, he explained.



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