UAL organizes an all-female 3×3 tournament

This Sunday, July 3, the Laloubère gymnasium will be animated all day by a 3×3 100% female basketball tournament open to the senior categories and U18 3rd year, licensed or not, from the UAL club or not. The very first of the name that we owe to Florian Roquain, currently in DEJEPS training, basketball option and employee of the club dear to its president Michel Agon.

A little reminder of the rules

3×3 basketball, as its name suggests, is played 3 against 3 with a substitute, so a team of 4 maximum. The match is played in 10 minutes, however the first team to reach 21 points wins the game. Scoring level, the 3-point shots of traditional basketball are now 2 points and the other baskets are worth 1 point. There is no coach, no limits of personal faults, but penalties on collective faults.

During the game, the changes are made at the request of the player who wishes to return and only on a stoppage of play. Possessions last a maximum of 12 seconds, which passes very quickly! When a basket is scored, there is no throw-in. The team that cashes the basket must leave the zone at 2 points, in order to be able to attack in turn. So much for the rules.

Today’s program. A maximum of eight teams are expected to make this tournament a success. Registrations are open until June 27. And as in 3×3 basketball, the show is not only on the field, many rewards have been planned, including one for the team with the most “flow” name. Registration: Florian Roquain (



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