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Daiki Hashimoto, a gymnastic boy who was selected as a “symbol athlete” by the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) and took a commemorative photo at the certification ceremony, in Tokyo on the 23rd.

On the 23rd, the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) added Daiki Hashimoto, who is the two crowns of the Tokyo Olympic Gymnastics Men, and Yuki Ishikawa, the ace of the Japanese men’s volleyball team, to the “Symbol Athlete”, which is the pillar of the marketing business that uses the portrait rights of athletes. Announced that it was done.

Hashimoto attended the certification ceremony and said, “As a symbol athlete, I will work to popularize gymnastics and boost the sports world.” Ishikawa sent a message and said, “We will grow up aiming for further heights by valuing not only the competition but also the experience, friends and connections we have cultivated with society.”

The number of symbol athletes, including Abe brothers and sisters in judo and Miho Takagi in speed skating, has increased to 13 in total.

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