They modified the regulations of penalties after the “show” of the Australian goalkeeper

After what was the show of the Australian Andrew Redmayne in the penalty shootout between the oceanic team and Peru in Qatar, the International Football Association Board modified the regulations at the time of executions from the 12 steps in an attempt to limit behaviors of the goalkeepers before the shots. From July 1, goalkeepers will have to have both feet on the goal line before the shot.

The same Monday that the match between Australians and Peruvians was played in Doha, the 136th General Assembly of the IFAB was also held in Qatar and the regulatory adjustment that will come into effect from next month was approved. It is worth clarifying, this measure will govern both in penalty shootouts to define a winning team as well as in the maximum penalties that are recorded in regulation time.

Until June 30, archers around the world will be able to keep only one foot on the goal line and one foot forward. In the semester that will include the celebration of the World Cup, there is once again an important variation in the regulations. The International Board further clarified that “you will not be penalized for having one foot behind the goal line at the time the throw is taken”.

In the playoffs, Redmayne implemented a unique technique by dancing on the goal line before each shot: “It’s a way for the rival not to know where I’m going to shoot and I also want them to get nervous, for the goal to be smaller than it really is. It doesn’t always work for me, but this time it allowed me to stop two shots”, he explained in 2019, when using that same strategy he was the figure in the definition of the title that his team, Sydney FC, gave him. won 4-1 on penalties over Perth Glory in the Australian Rules Football League final. This maneuver can no longer be used.

“With regard to the temporary modifications introduced due to the pandemic so that the highest level competitions had the option of increasing the number of substitutions allowed up to a maximum of five per team, the members decided that this option, including the limit to a maximum of three opportunities per team (not counting the break), it will be included in Rule 3 from next July 1”, mentioned the IFAB regarding the permanence of the regulation of modifications between soccer players that had been changed since the coronavirus pandemic was decreed. That is, this will remain fixed.

Meanwhile, the number of substitutes will also be increased from 12 to 15, remembering that for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar each team will be able to have 26 players and all will be able to participate in each of the matches.

During the last hours, another situation that had goalkeeper Redmayne as the protagonist also gained great notoriety: he stole the bottle of water from his Peruvian colleague Pedro Gallese and threw it outside the advertising posters to prevent his rival from viewing the role with your team’s pitchers. “Yes, that happened. I know everything it meant to my teammates, so it was like kill or be killed. I seized my moment. If we had notes in our bottle and someone from Peru saw them, they would have thrown it away too,” he acknowledged.


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