They demand greater support from Miderec to the Kurash Federation

EL NUEVO DIARIO, Santo Domingo.- The medalist and former national judo team Julián Abreu Jiménez, urged the Dominican sports authorities and especially the Ministry of Sports, to pay more attention to emerging combat sports such as Kurash.

The former athlete’s complaint is due to the fact that these are the sports disciplines that more young people are rescuing from the streets of the neighborhoods, preventing them from falling into vices and committing crimes.

Julian Abreu, who is currently the secretary general of the Pan American Kurash Union, addressed the issue after receiving no government support for the Pan American Kurash held in Santo Domingo recently.

Abreu, who is also president of the North Carolina-based USA Kurash Federation, was adamant about the lack of government support.

“Kurash is one of these sports to which I am referring, we are working bare-handed and without resources, so this should not continue like this,” Abreu said.

The former judoka accused the Dominican sports authorities of being cavalier in dealing with the kurash.

“It is unacceptable that the Kurash Federation hold a one-week Pan-American event in the Dominican Republic, which included a kurash beach tournament and a seminar on the discipline, with athletes and directs three internationals and not have the support of Miderec,” he exclaimed. Open.

The current professor and as secretary of the Pan American Union of the discipline demands that kurash have the same attention as other combat sports in the Dominican Republic.

Kurash is a discipline with more than 3,500 years of existence and has already been part of the Asian Games Olympic Program since 2018.

The Fedokurash participated in the XIV Mirabal Sisters National Games 2018 and in the IX Monte Plata School Sports Games 2019.

This Federation carries out its calendar events annually with activities for children, youth and higher in women and men, in addition, different seminars.

For many years the Fedokurash has requested Miderec to appoint monitors in the 15 provinces where this ancient discipline is alive.

Likewise, it has requested the Ministry of Sports a fixed monthly economic allocation like the other National Sports Federations without receiving a response.

This is the same predicament of several national martial arts sports now grouped in the Dominican Confederation of Martial Arts, Confedoarma, and that hope to take their claims to the highest sports instances in the country.



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