The scandalous ending between Boca and Unión: from the penalty repeated by the VAR, to the provocation and the blows

*Javier García had saved the penalty, but the VAR detected that he had gone ahead

In a controversial party Union of Santa Fe beat Boca Juniors 2-1 for the fifth date of the Professional League. The victory was decreed in the last play of the match when Franco Troyansky converted a penalty for the visiting team and unleashed chaos on the pitch The Bombonera product of the provocation in the celebration.

When it seemed that the game ended 1 to 1, Carlos Izquierdoz kicked John Portillo in the area in his attempt to clear the ball and awarded the visiting team a penalty. In the first instance, the referee Yael Falcon Perez had marked the infraction outside but the WASafter more than two minutes, indicated that the contact had been inside the area.

Troyansky He accommodated the ball and defined a cross, but his shot was saved by Javier García. While the party was unleashed in the stands and the players of the Xeneize they hugged the ex-Tiger, the WAS he intervened again to inform the judge that the shot had to be repeated. It is that when the midfielder executed, the goalkeeper was ahead.

*Troyansky’s goal and the celebration before the Boca fans

In the repetition, Troyansky did not fail and stamped the final 2 to 1. In his excessive celebration, he took off his shirt, which is why he was reprimanded, and showed it to the fans of Boca. Then, when he was going to the locker room, he again made gestures to the tribune of the Xeneizewhich angered the footballers of the local cast.

Frank Fabra, Jorman Campuzano, Luis Advincula and Marcos Red were some of those led by Sebastián Battaglia who ran in search of the Union player and on their way, when they were stopped by agents of the City Police and by other footballers of the Tatenge, some punches and shoves were distributed. All this must be reported by the referee Falcon Perez, so there could be disciplinary sanctions for several of the protagonists of this scandal.

Regarding this ending, Battaglia He was consulted at a press conference and replied: “Perhaps the Union player should explain why he did what he did, provoking at a time when the heart rate is at a thousand.” In this sense, he added: “No one wants to see that ending. Not only do we have to work on our temperament, the rival must also do it because what he did is not an example”.

The footballers ended up to blows in La Bombonera

The chaos and the outcome of the duel also caused Boca Juniors suspend the celebration scheduled for the 44th birthday of Juan roman riquelmewho in the 10th minute of the match he received the ovation and affection of his fans.

with defeat, Boca could not climb to the top of the championship and added his second defeat in the contest. Accumulate 9 points and was two units behind the leader, Gym. For its part, union he won his second meeting and reached 7 points in the table. the head of the Xeneize will now be on Tuesday’s clash against Corinthians for the first leg of the round of 16 Libertadores Cup.

The players of both teams ended up in a fight after the defeat of Xeneize




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