The Sabiñánigo “Balaitus” Badminton Club will not play this year in the national league | Present

The President of the Badminton Club ?Balaitus? of Sabiñánigo, Enrique Ascaso has confirmed to Radio Huesca Digital, that ? this year the serrablés club will not play the badminton competition in the 2nd national division in which it played last season, since although there are enough players to complete the team, would labor problems prevent them from going to Madrid to play the matches? adding that for a year they will have the place reserved waiting to be able to resume their league participation next season

Last year the matches of the 2nd national division were centralized in the Blume Residence in Madrid, playing in this category the teams from Murcia, Benalmádena, Paracuellos from Madrid, a team from Toledo and Balaitus serrablés completed the five teams in this group.

On the other hand, the Badminton Club ?Balaitus? of Sabiñánigo has organized for this Saturday, October 4, the 5th Trophy La Caixa-Ciudad de Sabiñánigo, a tournament that inaugurates the national badminton season as it is the first event on the Spanish Federation’s calendar.

The competition will begin at ten in the morning and will last until eight in the afternoon at the Plaza de la Constitución Sports Center, with two categories, A and C, with category A endowed with 600? and the C with trophies.

The participation of the Aragonese badminton clubs from Teruel, Utrillas, Andorra, Binefar, Huesca and Balaitus de Sabiñánigo has been confirmed, as well as the Basque clubs Aldapeta from San Sebastián and the University of the Basque Country.

The number of registered players amounts to 62 players who will play a total of 117 matches distributed in the modalities of men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.



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