The anti-Barça law is for everyone: there are 25 Gavis in LaLiga

As AS learned, there are more than 25 players from up to 18 different clubs attached to LaLiga to whom the same regulations that Laporta complained about are applied, baptizing it as the anti-Barça lawwhich affects the Barça club with Gavi and, if he stays with the first team, with Pablo Torre.

Within its economic control guidelines, and so that the regulation is not circumvented, LaLiga calculates as the salary of the first team that of that footballer who, even being registered in the subsidiary, has played more than 30% of games with the first team. That is, if Barça wants to sign up Gavi with the subsidiary in the 2022-23 season, it could do so, but his salary would be included in the salary margin of the first team.

LaLiga, in addition, has another parameter for soccer players who arrive from another club and are registered with the subsidiary. This would be the case of Pablo Torre of which Barça also complains. In this group of players, LaLiga takes into account other variables such as sporting merits, the salary for which he signed, internationalities…

Up to 25 footballers are involved today by this rule. LaLiga considers that Barça has no reason to feel singled out because there are 18 clubs that ‘suffer’ the same control measure. Moreover, from the employers’ association chaired by Javier Tebas, they recall that Barça is the club that has benefited most from the unilateral measure that LaLiga took, according to which the losses derived from COVID can be spread over five years instead of being computed in a single year. If this had been the case, Barça would have had problems closing the financial year without a deficit, a problem with which it is still fighting ten days before the end of the 2020-21 academic year.



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