Steph Curry’s summer plans are weird: no basketball for him

Steph Curry will take some well-deserved rest this summer after leading the Golden State Warriors to the NBA title. And when he says rest, he just means not to pick up the ball either.

In his most recent appearance on 95.7 The Game, Brandon Payne, Steph Curry’s personal coach, revealed that the plan for the Warriors star this offseason is to really take a break and recover. While one would expect the best shooter in basketball history to perform shooting practice at breakfast, lunch and dinner, it won’t be on the menu for a couple of weeks.

“Steph is going to take a lot of time off. He won’t shoot for a couple of weeks “.

When Anthony Davis said the same thing, pointing out how he hadn’t touched the ball since the Los Angeles Lakers’ last game of the season in April, many people lost their minds and went mad. After all, after a horrendous season, the last thing the fans want to hear is that he takes more time off.

In Steph’s case, we’re pretty sure NBA fans won’t react the same way. He has led the Golden State Warriors to a crazy title and has nothing more to prove. If nothing else, she has bought the time to take a vacation and enjoy the summer break with her family.

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