Arrigoni is still in Athens

Claudio Arrigoni yesterday renewed his continuity as coach of Atenas de Córdoba for the next National Basketball League, after a good season in which he saved it from relegation.

Already working on the team that will represent the “Greek” in the next National League season, the leaders placed their trust in Claudio Arrigoni to continue being the head coach.

The coach, who finished the previous season with a record of 14-15 after having taken the team from the ninth date (he was 1-8), will be the one who designs the team that he will lead in the 2022/23 edition of the Argentine basketball elite.

“It fills me with happiness, enthusiasm and commitment to have the opportunity to be in Athens and start from scratch after having finished the previous season the way we did,” explained the Greek’s coach.

«The commitment that exists is total from the very moment that one assumes in such a large institution at the Latin American level. We will do everything in our power to put together a competitive team and make this all work. We will try to make a leap in quality so that people identify with a team that will be a fighter and that will seek to rise to the occasion, “he added.

While when dealing with the challenges, he stated: “Taking into account how even our League is, in which there are no weak teams, the challenge will be to put together a squad and working group with all the people who want to be in Athens, who understands what it means to wear this shirt that is so important at the national level. That will definitely be a plus.”



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