Goryeong-gun, general victory in badminton at the 60th Gyeongbuk Provincial Sports Competition: National Safety Newspaper

Goryeong-gun (Governor Kwak Yong-hwan) won the military overall victory in badminton, the first event of the 60th Gyeongbuk Provincial Sports Competition, which was held as a pre-match for 4 days from June 17 to June 20 at the Pohang Indoor Stadium in Pohang. achieved the feat.

In the badminton event (Chairman Kang-Ha Lee, Executive Director So-Hyung Lee), players from the senior group who participated in four categories (young men, young women, men and senior women) won gold medals in the men’s youth division, silver medals in the women’s senior division, and bronze medals in the women’s youth division. left behind

The main event of the Provincial Sports Festival will be held in Pohang-si from July 15th to 18th. The senior group competed in 15 sports, including pre-matches (badminton, soccer, judo, golf). About 319 athletes will participate.

Meanwhile, the final ceremony for the provincial sports competition is scheduled to be held at the Daegaya Hall in the county office at 13:30 on July 15 (Fri). are doing

Kwak Yong-hwan, the governor of Goryeong, said, “The badminton was held as a pre-game for the 60th Gyeongbuk Provincial Sports Festival. We are delighted to be able to publicize the elderly through the splendid feat of winning the overall championship. Thinking about it, we will continue to show off your skills in the remaining matches in the future. I want them to do their best in every game.”

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