European Fencing Championships: the Blues in gold in epee, the Blues in silver in foil

A golden sword. Les Bleues were crowned European team champions on Tuesday in Antalya, Turkey, after beating Italy in the final (43-30). The French women started the match better and were able to maintain and then increase their advantage against the somewhat sluggish Italians except for the last stint. The day before, in the team foil event, the Transalpines had largely dominated the Blue (45-25).

The French epee team, which had failed to qualify for the Tokyo Games in 2021, was made up of Auriane Mallo, Lauren Rembi and Marie-Florence Candassamy. The Italian team included Maria Navarria, Rossella Fiamingo and Federica Isola. This is the 8th French medal, and the 2nd title after that of Yannick Borel in the individual team, in these European championships, which will continue until Wednesday in Turkey, always with the team events.

A few minutes after the gold won by the French swordsmen, the tricolor foil fencers adorned themselves with silver on Tuesday. The Tricolores were dominated by Italy (45-38), but the team, which made a good comeback at the end of the match, has reason to appreciate this medal: the four shooters, Maximilien Chastanet, Pierre Loisel, and the two Alexandres, Ediri and Sido, were playing their first European championship in Turkey.



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